Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Short trip back home...

Oh boy... traveling to Northern Europe in the summer is an adventure... at least for me! I actually wouldn't have travelled right now if I didn't have 2 Finnish teenagers staying with us for a month and they needed to get back home. I really had a great time with them and hate to see them going back so soon...

I had planed to go and visit different knifemakers in Finland at the same time, but it didn't happened since my schedule was so tight... have to do it at the end of August... This time of the year all the flights are totally overbooked and delayed because of the weather... just a nightmare!

Only if you have been growing up above 62 N lattitude you can understand how bad you need the light summer nights! I cannot describe how magical that is! The birds are up all night, singing and feeding their babies... it almost sounds like in the rain forest! The night never comes though and the air is like "bird's milk". Can you tell I have been home sick?!

I will be posting stuff a little bit more often now when I don't have house guest anymore and I'm back home... hopefully I will also have some new line of puukko knives to introduce pretty soon.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!