Thursday, February 14, 2008

Harri Merimaa's new high carbon folder knife!

Harri Merimaa with WoodsKnife is creating an exceptional folding knife! This knife has forged black sided high carbon steel blade, HRC 59! It has a locking mechanism and curly birch on the handle. This knife will be available with or without Harri’s handmade leather belt case. All knives will come in wooden gift box with a belt clip. As far as I know no-one else is making anything like this!

I only have pictures of the prototype at the moment but will publish more pictures later in the spring when I get one of these in my hand! Most likely it’ll be late April, early May.

Harri is making a small numbered series of these at first and if you are interested in purchasing one, contact me. The number series are coming in a gift box without the sheath.