Friday, October 30, 2009

WoodsKnife Big Bushcraft Leuku Knife

Harri Merimaa's new big bushcraft knife! This knife has 7" blade, good size handle for a bigger hand and like all WoodsKnife knives, the sheath is made to fit like a glove! This is a great knife for bushcrafting! You can easily cut small trees and twigs with this and yet it's light to carry with you!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jylmä Suihkiäijä Mauri Pöyliö Leuku Knife

Very exclusive Mauri Pöyliö design honoring Nordic knife making traditions! ONE OF A KIND KNIFE!! This is a big, heavy knife! You will NEVER see another one like this!!

This is one of Mauri Pöyliö's finest traditional puukko designs, "Jylmä Suihkiäijä" (Swift Old Man)! A part of his collectable leuku design series. An attractive combination of RARE Goat Willow burl with white reindeer antler spacers finished with great precision and expertise. Feels very smooth and comfortable in your hand!

"Jylmä Suihkiäijä" is a collectable leuku knife and has a serial number 263 and maker's signature at the back of the case. On the top of the case there are traditional Lapland "God of Wind", reindeer herd and 2 hunters by lavvu (like Native American tepee) and the symbol of reliability burnt on the antler.

New Puukko design from Paaso Knives

Paaso Knives have created new, but traditional style puukko knife for everyday use. This puukko has layered arctic birch in the handle and 3 1/8" high carbon steel blade. The shape of the handle is traditional for Nordic knives and feels great in your hand!

The knife comes in different color combination and every knife has unique look into them.