Saturday, February 03, 2007

Carrying a puukko in Finland...

The first law about carrying a puukko in a public came in 1977 and has rewritten 2003. Since 1977 it has been prohibited to carry puukko on city streets, public buildings or parks unless there is a "reasonable need" for one. What that basically means is that you are not allowed to carry puukko in public areas unless you need it for work.

Since 2003 it has been prohibited to make, import or carry in public throwing knives and stars, stilettos, tasers or stun guns, unless you have a special permit. In many cases that hasn't changed people's way of using puukko too much... together with everyman's rights you can still carry your puukko where ever you need it... since it has always been a tool and you don't camp, hunt or fish in a city anyway! :-)

Even today if you're driving outside the cities in Finland and go to a local gas station... forgot your puukko on your belt and happen to meet a local police officer, most likely he/she will ask if you had any luck with fishing or hunting :-) In the cities the law is taken seriously though and you will not only get a ticket carrying a puukko, you might also lose it!

Funny thing is that I know lots of people carrying a pocket knife with them all the time, since it doesn't show... even though it's as illegal as any other knife...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. It is a shame
that a culture with such a long,
fine cutlery tradition basically has
banned knives (with certain exceptions).

Same is starting here in the states.
I've carried a knife since I was 10;
sometimes a pocket folder, mostly
a folding belt knife and commonly a
straight blade. Of course I'm in a
rural (at least it use to be) area
which is becoming "suburbanized".
Funny how the town "newbies" looks
at you if you're carrying a knife,
suspecting that you're the local
serial killer or something.

To bad man's most basic tool has
come to be looked upon as something
to dangerous to be allowed in public :-(