Saturday, February 10, 2007

Karesuando Knives from Sweden

What I like the best of these knives is that these feel great in your hand! The handles fit perfectly in your hand and have smooth feeling without being slippery. You can truly feel the high quality Scandinavian craftsmanship in these knives!

Sweden has long traditions of knife making and still respects and holds large amount of custom knife makers. Some make knives just for collectors, but most still make knives for people to use... and it's not a bad thing if they are nice to look at the same time!

Karesuando Knives is located in Arctic taiga in Karesuando, Sweden. The products have their origins in the extreme Arctic climate. All material comes from the surrounding area. Curly-grained birch and leather, antler and bone from the reindeer are the most-used components. These are knives made by folks who use knives! The shapes and sizes are ideal for all-around utility use. No matter if you are a hunter or a fisherman or just need a good utility tool - these are your knives!

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