Monday, February 05, 2007

Wild North!

" Wild North is a business unit run by Metsähallitus, responsible for nature tours and activities all over in Finland. Wild North has been developed, during the past ten years, to one of the most successful international wilderness tour operator’s in Finland.

The roots are still strongly in the Finnish forest nature where it all began by selling hunting and fishing permits as well as renting wilderness cabins. Nowadays Wild North operates around Finland and its new footings are in Estonia, Sweden and Russia. The base for development is clean forest nature together with possibilities taking an interest in nature and wilderness at the best spots in Finland. An effective and capable co – operation network guarantees the best achievement as a result.

Finnish wilderness – and nature enthusiasts have been already for years, traditional Wild North customers to whom we are offering and developing even more possibilities for fishing, hunting and other nature attractions. The frame of our destinations is formed from Wild North own recreational fishing - and hunting areas, selling fishing – and hunting licenses to Metsähallitus other state lands and waters as well as by organising fishing – and hunting tours to Estonia, Russia and Sweden.

During the past years the Wild North has charged fulfilling the domestic and international group – and tour operator’s wishes offering them experiences surrounded by original Finnish nature, yet close by to the services needed. Wild North arranges, all at once, additional services with guiding, meals and different activities – whatever Your wishes are! The services are produced with local suppliers selected carefully to the co – operation network."

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