Friday, March 30, 2007

Unusual Vintage Puukko Knife!

I got a rare inquiry about older Finnish knife yesterday and wanted to share it here in my blog page also. (With owner's promission!)

In 1920’s and 30’s there were over 100 individual puukko knife makers in Kauhava area. Antti Liuha was one of the most respected puukko makers.

This Antti Liuha’s knife was made after 1920, most likely towards the end if the decade. So called “blood groove” on the blade first appears at the beginning of the century, but became more popular in 20’s and 30’s. The writing on the blade is actually made by Elli Lindholm. She "wrote blades" and did etching for several Kauhava knife makers for over 50 years and died at the end of the last millennium at the age of 100! The sheath is made by Rämäkkö family. They made most of the sheaths at Kauhava that time.

This is one beautiful piece of Finnish puukko making history!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you know if the metal on these early knives is 'nickel silver'?

I assume that actual "silver" would not stand up to the hard use that they were made to take.

niijii said...

I was googling Iisakki Järvenpää Vintage knives and I found your website.

I have a vintage green handled knife that was my great uncles, that I need to take photos of. It has the same sheath that is in your photos.

As I read on I realized you are from Finland.

My wife is from Tornio and she was telling me all about the Finnish knife makers and the puukkojunkkarit.

If I get a picture, do you have an email I can send it to so you can see what I have and maybe tell me a bit about it.

American Finn said...

You can send the picture to

anonymous said...

I have a similar knife and case that hs been in our family since the 20's. The case is identical as is the knife except for the handle which has a green bakelite curved ebd. The engraving in the blood groove appears to be the words "Palmari Pilla". The engraving below is hard to make out but it looks two words - the first I can't make out and the second looks like "Kaeehara or Kallhara". Would be interested in any other information on it.
Will post a photo

American Finn said...

I post a pic of that knife... the maker is Jalmari Silla and he made most of his knives in early 20th century, but this one is late 1920's or early 1930's since it has the blood groove, and was Silla's latest puukko knives.

Ávila said...

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