Monday, April 09, 2007

Lapin Puukko ~ Lapland Knife

Lapin Puukko was established in 1974 by Esa Silvola. The history of LP knife workshop goes back for more than 30 years. The location is still the same...Town of Tervola, between Kemi and Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. Today Lapin Puukko employs five skilled and enthusiastic knife makers. All puukko knives and sheaths are still handmade.

The options are either high-quality black-on-sides carbon steel or polished carbon steel, or easy-care polished stainless steel. The advantage of carbon steel is its good retention of sharpness and ease of sharpening. A stainless blade is easy to maintain and it is dishwasher-proof.

The wooden handle of Lapin Puukko knives are made from Lapland birch wood. The Lapland birch wood has a beautiful grain pattern and it is extremely durable. Lapin Puukko sheath keeps moisture and dirt away from the blade. All sheaths are handcrafted. Leuku knives include the option of a furred sheath.

Due to the lightly oiled finish and the nature of the Arctic Birch these knife handles have a warm, comfortable and firm feel. Each individual knife has a molded, hand fit leather sheath, precisely made for the exact knife.

These knives are razor sharp, have long edge retention and are easy to sharpen. They are comfortable, light weight and durable. The Puukko is an excellent tool that will last for decades. They can be rugged working knives or exquisitely fine-looking collector items, even both at the same time!

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