Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Woodsknife Sheaths ~ True handmade artwork!

Visiting Harri Merimaa, the owner of Woodsknife, I truly realized how exceptional sheath maker he is! I have always thought his sheaths are great, but actually seeing how much work he puts on each sheath, struck me with awe!

He cuts the leather, saws the sheaths with old fashion leather sawing machine… not an electric one… the kind of that has a pedal for speed!! The markings are made on wet leather, and even with that phase you have to be careful… the leather has to be wetted, but not soaking. Harri pays an extra attention for finishing his sheaths, bringing out the shapes of the liner and the puukko knife.

The Sheath making is really special! I have seen many knife makers make great knifes that fit so so with the sheath, Great sheaths that are in a bit of conflict with the knife but this craftsman has apparently figured it all out! The knives fit true in the custom made sheaths with a balance of handsome harmony and skillful but obvious practicality. Attention to detail is a foremost concern but comes easily within this one man puukko shop!


Todd: said...

Mr. Merimaa truly is exceptional as you say. I like the style of his knives and the sheaths are icing on the cake. Interesting seeing that old manual sewing machine. How fortunate you were to have visited him. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

I am the proud owner of one of Harri's woods knives.

He is a great knife maker for sure.

I like both the style of the knife and sheath.