Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finnish Military Knife 90th Anniversary Model

This military model is Scandinavian knife making at its best! Handle: Waxed Arctic Birch, length 4 5/8" with steel top and fitting Blade: Black side 0.8% carbon steel, length 3 5/8", width 1 1/16", hardness 60 on Rockwell Sheath: Finnish National Arms Crest decorated black leather. Has a belt loop that holds belts up to 1 1/2 wide.

Lapin Puukko was founded near Arctic Circle in 1974 as a "one man company" by Esa Silvola. Today Lapin Puukko employs four puukko makers and all the knives and sheaths are still handmade with the utmost excellence and craftsmanship.

Due to the lightly waxed finish and the nature of the Arctic Birch wood these knife handles have a warm, comfortable and firm feel. Each individual knife has a molded, hand fit leather sheath, precisely made for the exact knife.

Lapin Puukko makes truly quality working knives... no matter what model, they are all made with the same high quality standards. What makes Lapin Puukko unique, is that they never over advertise they products... I think Lapin Puukko is way too modest what they are mking! This small family company makes high quality puukko knives without making any noise about it... and they should! These knives are meant to last and have lifetime warranty for the workmanship.


Todd: said...

Very fine knives, representative of the finest puukko tradition!

I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for keeping it up.

My not very distant ancestors came here from Finland. My last name would be Rautanen if it weren't for the "culturally sensitive" American immigration officers. ;)

I am a hobbyist knifemaker. If you want, you can click on my name to see my blog.

Thanks again, Todd

flyfishertc said...

I enjoy reading your site and love some of the leather work shown in your photos.I have visited Scandinavia often (but unfortunately not yet Finland), and I find it difficult to wall past a knife shop without walking in!