Sunday, October 04, 2009

New Puukko design from Paaso Knives

Paaso Knives have created new, but traditional style puukko knife for everyday use. This puukko has layered arctic birch in the handle and 3 1/8" high carbon steel blade. The shape of the handle is traditional for Nordic knives and feels great in your hand!

The knife comes in different color combination and every knife has unique look into them.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful knives. Could the knifemaker make one up for me with a fingerguard?

Bill Wayne said...

Those designs are great! I hope you will continue to make cool designs just like the cold steel fgx knives I have seen recently.

American Finn said...

Just a short info... puukko knives are not traditionally made with finger guard. The only time one would need that is when they "stab" and puukkos are not meant for that... not trying to say they have never used for stabbing... unfortunately!